Miranda Zimmer

I tailor digital strategies to match user intent by:

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Defining the Marketing Goals

Whether your company is an innovative start-up or well-oiled enterprise, the most important step in constructing a solid, measurable digital marketing strategy is to determine your main objectives.


Developing a Detailed Plan

I blaze the path to the next step of the process with a distinct purpose in mind: selecting the proper method to reach the goal. Once the goal and plan are aligned, I get to work on executing the strategy.


Analyzing the Website Data

Just because a valid plan is in place doesn't mean I'm finished. Next, I implement detailed web tracking to gather the information needed to understand how the user moves through the marketing funnel.

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Refining the Digital Strategy

Through analysis of website data, I catapult marketing efforts towards more responsive and personalized experiences that attract the right users at the right time with the right message.


Which target are you aiming to hit?

Attract Users · Increase Awareness · Capture Leads · Boost Sales · Aggregate Data · Optimize Workflow · Maximize ROI

Does your digital strategy deliver?